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The Ecosia Search Engine puts 80 percent of its profits into tree-planting reforestation projects. Since being founded in 2009 they have planted over 150 million trees. These projects are typically in communities that would be disproportionately impacted by climate change.

They also built their own solar plants so that their servers are powered with 100 percent renewable energy. That is a big deal because servers use a lot of energy. The internet uses around 150 gigawatts of electricity every year, which amounts to around five percent of all electricity worldwide.

Is it as impactful as installing solar panels on your home? Certainly not, but all things equal it is an easy Climate Action to take. Join the movement of more than 20 million users.


• Ecosia's search results are based on Bing (Microsoft) and enhanced by its own algorithms.

• It is available as a web browser, mobile app, or you can simply visit their website to integrate it into your browser.

• Ecosia is a privacy-friendly search engine. Searches are encrypted, not stored permanently, and data is not sold to third-party advertisers, unlike the typical search engine business model.

• Sometimes searches are not as effective as the typical search engine you might use. For that one out of twenty situation you can still pop back to cross-reference results using a different search engine.

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