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At the current pace, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050. In order to help combat this, you can switch your search engine to OceanHero.

While you surf the web, OceanHero uses ad revenue generated by you to clear plastic from the ocean. You can use it by adding an extension to your browser, downloading the app on your phone, or setting your homepage to the OceanHero search engine.

OceanHero uses shells to track your impact. For every 100 shells, OceanHero is able to remove 1 plastic bottle from the ocean. You collect shells by opening tabs, searching, or answering questions about the ocean! The revenue generated is used to support partners around the world who clean up plastic pollution.


• The Ocean Hero search results are based on Bing (Microsoft).

• Sometimes your searches may not be as effective as the typical search engine you might use. When this occurs, you can still briefly return to your original search engine to cross-reference results.


Track actions

Want to keep track of the actions you are trying and have already completed? Want to sort by the different actions? Download the free mobile app for easier browsing and a personalized experience.