Shower instead of bathe

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Taking a five-minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath. As we use hot water for our showers or baths, we are not only using water, but energy from heating.

Reducing hot water use is a great step to decrease your resource use, as you are tackling two resources at once. Saving hot water saves energy (and money), reduces emissions, and helps conserve precious water resources. The last of which is a critical step in many parts of the world where supplies are scarce or infrastructure is strained.


You may wonder: why should I give up pleasurable and relaxing baths? This Action is an invitation for you to explore a different way to experience pleasure and relaxation. Give it a try and test yourself!

Before taking the shower, take a few long deep breaths and invite all your senses to be fully present during your shower.

As you open the shower, your mind may naturally wander thinking about urgent issues you need to do or remembering moments in the past. No problem. That is part of our wiring! When this happens, bring your attention back to the sensation of the flow of the water on your body. Especially the muscles of your neck and shoulders. Pay attention to the sounds of the water splattering. Feel the soap on your skin. Sense the smells.

After this five-minute experience, you will certainly find your yourself energized, with more heads pace and ready to start your activities with a fresher mind.

Consider looking into a massage showerhead to enhance the showering experience. There are many spray patterns to try wrapped into a single showerhead, such as rain, jet, aeration, and mist to name a few.

If showering compromises your comfort, perhaps it is not the right Action for you. Do not worry about it. Consider taking fewer baths when you can or focus on another Action.

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