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Set time aside to clean up in order to beautify your area. Not only does it positively impact your community from ugly waste, but it sets an example that may inspire others.


Every year we dump a massive 2+ billion tons of waste. There is no simple solution to a problem of this scale, but the cleanup can start with you. This is a simple, achievable action that positively affects your community.

You can help in a few ways. First off, do not litter to begin with. It is probably safe to assume that you already know this if you are reading this action.

Secondly, clean as you go. When you see garbage lying around in your everyday life, pick it up and get it to the recycling, compost or trash bin. The effects of this can be powerful, setting an example that has an echo effect on the others that see you do it.

Thirdly, set time aside to clean up a specific area that you either care deeply about or that really needs cleaning. Try scheduling a day to do this action on a regular basis, once a year, once a month or even once a week.


• Looking for inspiration? Check out the daily trash pickup that Edgar McGregor does and posts about on Twitter. He is quite amazing and cleans up trash every single day, rain or shine.

• Also check out the #TrashtagChallenge with a quick search of that term online or on social media. There is no secret to why it has been so successful and is going strong today.

• Start small. Choose an area that is already part of your life that you genuinely want to see cleaner for your own enjoyment. It can be as simple as bringing a garbage bag with you on a route you usually walk.

• This is also one of the simplest things you can do as a family or with neighbors to support your community. This action will foster a healthier relationship with the planet for children and create a time to connect with others. You might be surprised how easy it is to get others to join you.

• Recycle and compost what you pick up if possible. Try to minimize the amount of your haul that ends up in the landfill by maximizing the amount that ends up in recycling or compost. If it does not work out perfectly, do not worry about it. Do not let that be a barrier to doing a cleanup.

• Many people have now started combining this action with jogging, which is called plogging. Next Olympic trial sport possibly?! Check out some videos of it here.


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