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The benefits of natural light are almost never ending. Ever get a headache from staring at your screen too long? Feeling sluggish? Having trouble sleeping? Burning too much carbon? Help address all of these issues with this life improving action.

Since the beginning, humans have spent most of our existence outside in the elements, including in the sun. Many of us have gotten away from that and our bodies are not well adapted for it. Wherever you work or study, whether at home, an office, or around school, do your best to position your workspace in an area that gets the most natural light.

Our bodies have evolved to use the wavelengths of light provided by the sun to produce vitamin D, a critical nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. The sun also helps improve mood and helps our body regulate its sleep cycles better. Not only that, but you can turn off the electric lights, reducing your energy consumption and energy bills.


• Have fun moving furniture around and finding a way to locate yourself closer to windows.

• Do not cover the windows in your work area, and relocate heavy curtains, to let more light in.

• Use mirrors to help light from windows bounce around the room and onto you.

• If you have the space for it, consider finding or creating an outdoor workspace. Your work may seem to go much quicker!

• Naturally be cautious about spending all day directly in the sun and the impact of too much UV light on your skin.

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