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Organizing a climate rally or strike can be an extremely powerful action. Many people are frustrated by the lack of action and lack the outlet to do something about it. Give them an opportunity to be heard and send a message.

By organizing a rally you provide an opportunity for those already committed to show solidarity with the cause and voice support for movement towards a better world. Plus it helps attract new people to the cause and further motivates them for future action.


To get yourself going, try thinking along these lines. What is the purpose of your rally / strike? Here are some ideas to get started.

Are you trying to:

• Reach leaders to show community support for climate action and keep it top of mind?
• Amplify the climate emergency message through the media?
• Attract new people to the climate movement?

With the purpose in mind, here are some initial ideas to start working through the details of your event:

• Find others to help you. Reach out to friends, neighbors, and local organizations to assist in organizing and participating.
• Choose a date, time and location. Consider aligning with global days of action that are coordinated by climate organizations.
• Ensure that you have a clear and well articulated message that to communicate to your audience, whether they be media, government, partners, or community members. Focus on the specific actions you would like to happen.
• Promote, promote and promote again with posters and posts for social media to local politicians, community groups, and more.
• Collect names and contact information of people who participate so that you can build the movement and send out reminders.

Ready to go deeper and get more inspiration?

• Search for videos online to get inspiration and ideas from other rallies.
• A few other great resources to check out are the organizing guide, the climate strike guide, and the organizing guide. Pick one that resonates most with what you have in mind.

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