Attend local rallies

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Spend some time attending public climate-related rallies. You signal your support, learn from others, and get a boost of energy from the experience.


• A quick search online can help you find local groups or rallies happening in your area. If you get on the email list of local climate action groups they will keep you updated on events happening.

• Choose a rally that is likely to have a strong impact, i.e., where you are likely to be seen by decision-makers and other people who are going about their daily activities.

• Ask friends and family to join you. Maybe make plans for a meal together afterward or organize a picnic.

• Bring chalk to put slogans on the sidewalk or consider making a sign. Get inspiration for slogans by searching online.

• Be kind, pleasant, and courteous to others while making them aware (on the train, while walking, at the site) of why you are doing this. Rally others to join you, not push them away.

• Enjoy the camaraderie! It is good being among your own.

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