Gift plants and cuttings to others

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Gifting plants and cuttings to others is a generous thing to do with extra bonuses. Plants are beautiful, are interesting to look at, and help purify our air. Plus they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and emit oxygen, giving better air quality indoors and outdoors.

Gifting them also has a positive impact on mindsets towards caring for them and by extension the natural world. When a plant is given as a gift the person receiving it will likely be more inclined to look after it well. Caring for plants can also helps foster a positive effect on mental health.

Depending on how widely and what plants you share with others, it can aid with biodiversity. Plus sharing cutting from your well established plants to others can save money and create fun community spirit towards plant cultivation and the sharing of knowledge.


• Some top air purifying plants are: Spider plant, Calathea, and Peace Lily. Search online to discover other great options native to your area.

• Not sure what plant you have? Download a free plant identifier app and simply take a picture to find out its name and specific care tips.

• When you know the name of the plant you wish to propagate there are loads of how to articles and videos online to help. Use them to learn more about the best way to divide and share cuttings to increase your chances for a good experience. Try different things over time and build a wealth of knowledge.

• When gifting, a little decoration can go a long way. A simple bow on a nice pot is a nice touch for a special gift. Or simply keep it casual for impromptu gifting occasions.

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