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Addressing climate change by phasing out fossil fuels, ramping up clean energy and food, keeping pollution out of the air, and adapting to an over-heating planet is a massive project. It touches so many aspects of our lives. Why not transform your work life to be a part of the solution?

Green jobs are booming. Broadly defined they are ones that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment, conserve natural resources, or make production more environmentally friendly. There are many industries that are moving humanity towards more sustainable practices. That includes electricity generation, food and agriculture, transportation, construction, technology, advocacy, media, politics, research, and education.

Making a career shift is not easy, but the demand is there, and the feeling that you are working on something meaningful is incredibly motivating. Does your current job give you that feeling? Explore options, see what is interesting to you, and go from there. You may not make the move tomorrow, but considering beginning to find a path for yourself and a better future.


• A place to start is to learn more about the wide range of industries and careers that are related to addressing climate change. Search online and check out lists of different green jobs to consider like this great one that breaks down over 200 options across different sectors.

• Ready to get more serious? Explore actual job opportunities at climate-focused organizations. Take a look at Climatebase, which is a platform that focuses on discovering jobs, people, and organizations working to solve the climate crisis.

• Climatebase also has a large community of people that you can search by roles, skills, and sectors to connect with and learn more about a particular area you might be interested in.

• If you are looking to supercharge your transition into a climate-focused career, you may also want to consider applying to the Climatebase Fellowship. The Fellowship is an online climate career accelerator for the most talented mission-driven members of the Climatebase community.

• If there is no clear fit for your skills and experiences then you can still make a transition happen. Once you have a good idea of the type of jobs you might like to target, you can then build out a plan to make yourself more attractive to hiring managers. For example, think about the skills that you already have that translate, and the gaps you need to fill over time, to be ready to sell yourself as a good fit. There is lots of information online with tips, such as this article and this other one.

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