Use electric power tools

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Reduce carbon pollution and make your ears and neighbors happier by trading your loud gas powered tools for quieter electric battery or corded options.

Electric garden care and power tools have many advantages:

o Electricity is less expensive than gasoline
o You never have to make a trip to buy fuel
o Electric tools make no toxic fumes
o There is no stored gasoline that can cause a fire
o Electric tools are lighter
o Electric tools are quieter
o Fewer complaining neighbors and angry birds
o Less need for hearing protection
o Electric tools can be stored in any position
o No fear of gas or oil spillage
o Finally, electric tools always start

Oh yeah, and they are also less polluting, especially if your electricity is powered by a clean energy source, like solar or wind.


• Great electric versions for almost any power tool you can think of are readily available. Have fun checking out the options and amazing technology that is putting the old polluting internal combustion engine into the past.

• Check used options online to see what is available in your area. You can often get high quality tools that do the job well at a much lower cost. Plus it limits the resources and pollution that goes into creating new stuff.

• If you have newer gas powered tools it is probably better to wait to replace them, especially if you plan to buy new electric ones. If you are replacing tools and your old ones still have life in them, be sure to either sell or gift them so they do not go to waste.

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