Talk to kids about the environment

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Talk to kids about your environmental actions! As the next generations grow older, so will their environmental impact. It is important to start them young. It is easier to learn about the environment from a young age, and turn it into lifelong habits, rather than change bad habits that have been part of our lives for decades. Young children have a good chance of seeing the year 2100. Set them and their future world up for success.


• Talk to children about your environmental actions while you are doing them. For example, why you use certain products or why you are growing vegetables while gardening.

• Watch kid-friendly environmental documentaries together.

• Let them help! Find age-appropriate ways for kids to get involved in environmental action. This can be a great excuse to get outside and have some fun or get them more engaged in projects around the house.

• Have conversations about things that are both good and bad for the environment. Help them see the big picture about how things work, where our food comes from, and how goods are produced. Keep the conversation on their level, but be honest and expand their horizons!

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