Adopt an animal near extinction

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Adopt an animal to help keep vulnerable species safe from extinction. Monitored population sizes of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have declined by over two-thirds since 1970 because of humans. This is a direct way to help the most vulnerable creatures that are at risk of being lost forever.

Adopting an animal helps protect habitats, fund research, and reduce poaching, which benefits both the endangered animal and those living nearby. Donations do not just go to animal conservation, but also to work with governments to bring forward better policies, fight deforestation, and build partnerships with local communities. So by adopting an animal you are not just protecting these species, but also helping to tackle the climate crisis at the same time!


• There are various charities that focus in this area. For example, you can adopt an animal by going onto the WWF website or searching for other options online.

• Some charities offer a range of specific animals to adopt, from elephants to dolphins to tigers. You can often see which animals are in need of support and decide how much you want to donate per month.

• You could also consider giving this as a birthday or holiday gift. It is both thoughtful and helps protect vulnerable species.


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