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Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, next to water. Making the switch from teabags to brewing loose-leaf tea is easy and reduces microplastics and waste.

Teabags are made from a variety of materials often including small amounts of plastic. While some companies claim to make compostable teabags, the sad reality is that more often than not they end up in landfills. Loose tea leaves use very little packaging other than the jar or box that they come in.

Plus many people think that brewing loose-leaf releases more flavor, resulting in a richer tea. If you have ever opened up a teabag, you will notice that it looks like dust inside.


• Not sure how to brew loose-leaf tea? Look at short videos online to see how straightforward it is.

• Get a reusable tea infuser, teapot with strainer, stand-alone strainer, or another device to help you seep the tea leaves in hot water and then easily remove them when done brewing.

• These can be bought in most homeware shops or online for relatively little. A key consideration is if you regularly make tea for one or if you need something larger to serve multiple cups at a time.

• Buying loose leaf opens up a larger variety of teas to you. Try different options to see what you like. You may even create your own personal favorite blend of different teas.

• There are lots of wonderful smelling options in stores and online. You may even discover there is a shop that specializes in loose-leaf tea nearby!

• Getting someone into loose-leaf tea can also be a nice gift idea for a tea-drinking friend or family member.

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