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Buying the single bananas can make a bigger difference than you think! Loose fruit and veg not only works out cheaper the majority of the time, it lowers food wastage and reduces plastic purchasing. The old tale that bananas ripen quicker as a bunch is actually a myth, so go grab the exact amount you need and get making that banana bread.

Household food wastage takes real money out of our pockets, and the resources used to grow, ship, and package food is a drain on our planet. Packaged food contributes to this as people often buy 6 apples when they only need two because the packaging can make them look artificially more appetizing.

Research has shown that almost all shoppers prefer loose vegetables. Stores that have gone away from this trend have suffered a backlash.

You have the opportunity to reduce plastic, lower food wastage, and keep some extra money in your pocket at the same time!


• Decide before you go how many of each vegetable or fruit you need so you can lower food wastage and not overbuy.

• As a bonus, take your own reusable fruit and veg bags to the supermarket so you do not end up using a bag that you do not need. Alternatively, many fruits and vegetables do not require any bag at all because they come with their own protective skin. Both are good ways to keep your tasty treasures aerated on the journey home and free from any microplastics lurking in a single-use bag!

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