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Being resilient is a critical and learnable skill that will help you cope with and rebound from misfortune, including the challenges you may face due to climate change. In this respect, being resilient means accepting and anticipating the sorts of problems that you and your community will face. That could range from floods to fires, extreme heat to unprecedented cold snaps, utility disruption, food scarcity, or climate migrants moving from newly inhospitable areas into yours.

If we are working to proactively address climate change by reducing pollution and adopting better ways of living, why do we need to think about resilience? Unfortunately, no matter how successful we are, climate change, and climate disasters of many types, are already a reality. They will sadly get worse because carbon pollution continues to spew out at an incredible rate around the world.

This action asks that you commit to developing resiliency in the face of the climate challenge. It invites you to foster within yourself an attitude of optimism and confidence by undertaking practical actions that will usefully anticipate the climate-driven disasters you are most likely to face. Committing to this is the first step, and the only step this action requires. Other Resilience actions will help you prepare for specific challenges and grow resiliency in your community.


• Where you live determines what sorts of events are likely to impact you. If you are not sure or are new to the area, ask your neighbors or do some research online to find out what sorts of disaster you might one day face.

• Climate change is likely to bring multiple concurrent disasters, but it is best to start by preparing well for a single type of emergency. Then you can build your response to additional ones over time.

• Community is the best insurance against disasters of all types. Join with others to get prepared and to stay prepared! It is a lot easier to build up community relationships and local resilience before a disaster happens than to scramble to figure it out afterward.

• Resilience is not something that is created in a single big push, but rather is incrementally built, maintained, and improved over time. Resilience is a journey that delivers rewards as you go.

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