Go for reusable cotton swabs

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Cotton swabs are an unlikely pollutant, but like any single-use and throw-away product, they are! They actually make up a measurable chunk of all ocean pollution Going to a reusable option is a small lifestyle change that will save you money, reduce plastic consumption, and improve your carbon footprint!

It takes a meaningful amount of water and energy to create and distribute the plastic and cotton that goes into a one-use swab. When you take into account that 1.5 million swabs are produced daily, that adds up to something significant that is a drain on resources. Not to mention the land used to grow cotton, which otherwise could be used for something else, like pollution-reducing trees.

Luckily there is a better option! Reusable swabs are more effective as a result of the unique designs available. There is a wide range of options with different styles. For example, ones designed for superior cleaning that get all of the gunk out of your ears in one go, and others designed for beauty needs, with a special point to give extra precision when necessary.

If you choose a nice durable option you can easily get thousands of uses. The cost of a durable swab is around the same as buying a large box of single-use swabs.

Find a reusable swab that looks appealing and give it a try!


• A quick search online will give you a sense of the options available. Check a couple out and see what looks good.

• A quick clean of the swab with water and a little soap is usually all your need for the next use. Make cleaning a part of your routine. For example, after you clean your ears do a swab clean afterward. It is really satisfying to see the dirt the swab picks up!

• There are also bamboo cotton swabs available if a reusable one does not work for you. Make sure you dispose of these properly as they are typically biodegradable.

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