Avoid hotel toiletries

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Bringing your own toiletries not only is more convenient because you know what you are getting out of your products, but it also reduces the amount of plastic you consume. I know the mini shampoos and conditioners are adorable, but try and admire rather than use them! Bonus points if you use barred soaps, shampoos, and conditioners! Extra bonus points if you mention to the hotel staff that you prefer bulk dispenser options and not all the plastic.

When you avoid the plasticized products left for you, you are preventing the need to replace them for the next guest. This may not seem like a lot, but if enough people bring their own toiletries, the amount of plastic needed drops. This saves more plastics from being purchased, which speaks volumes to the producer of these products.

Plastic is made from fossil fuels and contributes to climate change on all parts of its life cycle, which for some plastics has been shown to almost never end. Having single-use plastic is the worst! Help hotels get away from that.


• Barred toiletries are easy to travel with. However, if you use bottled toiletries, try investing in re-usable travel-sized bottles to put your products in. You can also bring the bottles in their original size, but naturally that is more to carry around.

• If you are traveling with someone, encourage them to follow in your footsteps!

• Consider sharing on social media when a hotel does it right! Spread the positive word.

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