Trick or treat with reusable bags

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Consider using a reusable container for Halloween candy to reduce waste. Use a pillowcase or make your own bag to personalize and store for next year.


This year, when you go trick or treating, consider using a reusable cloth, canvas, or another container to collect your Halloween candy. Buying a new plastic trick-or-treat bucket every year may be tempting, but it just creates more unnecessary stuff, mucking up the world.


• Do not have a bag handy? Use a pillowcase instead! Or, make your own container using the materials you have handy.

• If you are up for it, feel free to design your own spooky trick-or-treat bag. Personalize it with any extra materials you have around the house.

• Find a good place that you will remember to store your fun Halloween accessories to use again next year.

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