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In an emergency, you may need to contact your neighbors. It is easier to have a network in place before it is needed. Set up a way to easily connect with others, whether that is by exchanging emails, phone numbers, or simply getting to know each other a little more so it is easy to go knock on their door.

This action is a good excuse to get to know your neighbors better. It helps form a stronger community, makes living in your area more enjoyable, and removes barriers to working together to make local improvements.


• Are there existing organizations within your area that already connect people? For example, neighborhood organizations, block clubs, or religious groups. This could be a good place to start.

• If there are no good existing groups to join up with, consider starting something simple and adding to it over time. For instance, creating an online document with contact info, so everyone can update their own information. Or perhaps an email list or text chain so it is easy for people to communicate.

• As new people move to your area, invite them to join up and share contact info. It is a nice way to meet and welcome them.

• Discuss with your neighbors about creating a phone tree, which is a way to contact people in emergencies by having each person contact 1-2 people to share information. You can learn more about creating an effective phone tree here.

• Consider creating a hardcopy list of those critical for you to know, seal it in a plastic bag, and put it in your evacuation go bag.

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