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Even mobile phone systems can go down in an emergency. Share walkie-talkies and a protocol for using them with your local friends and family! Then, even when other communication has been cut off, you can still pass on news, ask for help, and coordinate assistance.


• There are a lot of different options. Do a quick search online to learn more about the features, ranges, and options that make sense for your situation.

• A good walkie-talkie has a pretty far range, making it easy to chat with someone that lives quite far away. Though the range can be less if you live in a dense city or mountainous area.

• Once you know what type you want, you can likely find good used options to buy online. If it makes sense, save some money and avoid the pollution created from buying new.

• Whichever model you get, be sure to practice before you really need to use them in an emergency. They are fun to play with, so go for it!

• At a minimum, agree on what channel and under what circumstances everyone in your local network should use their walkie-talkies. Write the agreed channel on a piece of masking tape and stick that on the walkie-talkie.

• Many walkie-talkies have an integrated battery and come with a charging station. If you keep it plugged in and in place, it will stay charged for an emergency.

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