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Valentine's Day often generates waste and pollution, from discarded chocolate boxes to carbon-heavy flower imports. Celebrate love sustainably without harming the planet by choosing eco-friendly gestures and gifts.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Earth Hero team!

The holiday is about showing appreciation to loved ones, family, and friends. Make it even better with easy ways to show love without creating lots of waste and pollution in the process. Leaving a mess is no way to celebrate!

Each year, there are millions of boxes of chocolates sold, and due to their packaging, most of these boxes are sent to the landfill. Yikes!

Around 100 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day and the way it is typically done generates a massive amount of carbon pollution. They are typically grown in warm climates and then flown across the world. Plus, they need to be kept in temperature-controlled containers and require consistent watering and pesticides to maintain their fleeting appearance.

Show the Earth, our one and only home, some love this Valentine’s Day by making conscious decisions to celebrate in better ways.


Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the holiday and spread some love.

• Dine at restaurants and eateries that value sustainability. Do a search to find sustainable restaurants near you. You might find a new favorite!

• A nice home-cooked meal is a great way to celebrate as well. Try a fun new plant-based dish, make a nice table setting, or light some candles for a little extra touch.

• Support cocoa farmers by purchasing fair trade chocolate instead of cheap low-quality commercial brands that are causing forests to be cut down. You will buy great chocolate and support safe working conditions for cocoa farmers.

• Do you enjoy baking or think you might? A homemade treat is a sweet gesture and more memorable. Of course, have fun with the heart and red theme of the holiday!

• Buy locally sourced flowers if possible. They have a smaller carbon footprint due to transportation. Plus, if they are organic, they will be free of pesticides. What’s not to love? If flowers do not work well, consider making a card out of recycled materials or support a local artist who uses recycled materials to make their own unique creations.

• Does your significant other fancy jewelry? Keep in mind that mining gold, diamonds, and other minerals causes habitat disruption, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and soil erosion. Minimize these impacts with a one-of-a-kind second-hand vintage piece.

• Go online to find more ideas on how to make your holiday eco-friendly.

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