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Reading books is a fantastic way to spend your time, but buying them new and only reading them once can be a little wasteful. Borrow from the library instead so that many people can enjoy the same book and save some money!


Most people only read a book once. By borrowing books from the library instead of buying them, multiple people read each copy, reducing the number of copies that need to be produced. This, in turn, reduces the number of trees cut down, the associated energy cost, and transportation fuel usage. Plus, borrowing books also frees up space in your home!


• Many library services allow you to request books from a different branch to be delivered to your local branch.

• Many library services have the option to request they purchase a title they do not already have.

• If you really need to buy a book, go for it! Figure out what works for you. Naturally, consider only buying books you read frequently or need to refer to. Where possible, purchase these second-hand.

• If you purchase a book or are gifted one, consider passing it on after finishing it.


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