Let your hair air dry

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Save time and energy by letting your hair air dry! Blow dryers cost money and you spend even more when they are pulling electricity. Plus they also have that plastic shell (made of fossil fuels) and require some chemicals and pollution to create, whether or not they wind up in the landfill. So how about trying to phase out your blow dryer usage so you do not need to buy a new one anytime soon?

Letting your hair air-dry also protects it from potential heat damage. Plus straightening or curling it with a curling iron, etc., means even more potential damage over time. These heat sources can cause your hair to lose moisture, negatively impacting its look. Plus once your hair strands are dehydrated, it is likely they will break more frequently and with more ease.

So do you really need a hairdryer? Or do you want to go au naturel?


• Use your towel to wring the water out as much as possible from your hair. This will get you most of the way.

• If you still want to blow dry your hair sometimes, then throw in an air dry every now and then to save time, money, and to give your strands a breather. It will give you a chance to experiment and see what works well for you and keeps your hair looking good!

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