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Social norms take time to shift, yet one way to encourage progress is by being vocal and supportive of those who intentionally make positive things happen. Not only does the act of expressing gratitude cultivate health and happiness, but it also has an impact on the giver, receiver, and even those who witness an expression of gratitude. Why not thank those early adopters in your community who are making an effort to go green and improve lives?


Here are some opportunities to show gratitude. Figure out what works for you. Once you get into this mindset, you will likely discover lots of other ways over time!

• Drop off a handwritten letter to a house that has installed solar.

• If you run into someone planting trees or other plants that improve the area, say a simple thanks.

• The same goes for someone that is throwing away litter, especially if you notice they are taking care of more than their own.

• Give kudos to friends and family that get around by foot, bicycle, bus, train, or another low-impact way.

• Echo and thank those that talk about are share ideas about better ways of living.

• Send a message of praise on social media or directly to companies and small businesses that follow sustainable practices.

• Write an online review of a restaurant that uses compostable or reusable takeout containers.

• Put a note under the wiper of an electric car saying thanks for driving electric. Or perhaps, if you know an electric driver ask them about how they like their vehicle.

• Pick up the tab for someone when they order a vegetarian meal or use a refillable mug.

• Email a thank you message to local leaders who make climate change projects happen.

• Look online for even more creative ways to thank others, like these ideas.

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