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Disposable razors are wasteful. Make the switch to a long-lasting safety razor to reduce waste, save money, and provide you with a superior shaving experience.


Safety razors are making a comeback, and rightfully so. They save lots of money over time while also giving you a better, closer shave.

Wait, what is a safety razor? If you are not familiar, it is a durable, made-to-last T-shaped razor. Instead of replacing the entire head of the razor, as with a cartridge razor, a safety razor only needs the blade replaced. The handle will last a lifetime, and the blades can be recycled. Plus, they have a nicer look than the plastic throw-away alternative.

It is no secret that disposable razors and cartridges are wasteful. They are used a few times and thrown away. Since most are made of plastic, that means continued use of fossil fuels for a product that typically piles up in a landfill to sit for 100+ years.

So why did disposable razors become so popular in the first place? Companies get a higher profit on them because you are continuously paying to buy more. Therefore, there is an incentive to push them on society, backed up by an army of marketers and advertising. Time to break the spell.

Safety razors also cost more upfront, but you pay significantly less for refills and will not need to refill your blades as frequently. That saves time and wasted packaging. As a bonus, the singular blade combined with the weight of the safety razor typically gives an overall better shaving experience once you get the hang of it.


• Not sure how a safety razor works and if it is a good fit for you? A great place to start is online videos to see them in action.

• A related razor style to consider is a straight razor. You sharpen the blade instead of replacing it. The upfront cost tends to be even higher, and it is a bit different from the shaving you may be accustomed to. Check out videos online to learn more.

• There is a wide range of modern and classic styles to choose from. Have fun picking one out to bring a simple joy to your life.

• One key consideration is getting a safety razor with universal blade sizes. Some safety razors will only work with blades from that particular company. That may not be a deal-breaker, but it usually means more expensive blades and a risk that the company goes out of business and you cannot get blades anymore.

• Because these razors get a closer shave, you do not need to put as much pressure on the razor. It is metal and heavier than the typical plastic razor.

• If you nick yourself a couple of times on your first uses, that is completely normal as you adjust to the pressure you need to apply. Luckily, this is easy to figure out and you will become familiar with the weight and quickly get great shaves after the learning curve!


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