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Do you enjoy social media or online videos? Are you a visual learner? Following stainable influencers is a nice way to learn more about sustainability.

Plus sharing their content is an easy way to help introduce topics to your friends and family. It may even lead to interesting discussions and help them discover new fun things.

If you are not a regular social media user, just subscribing helps boost them in their platform algorithms to others who may have never seriously considered sustainability before!


• Here are some options to get you started. If they end up not being your style, then simply unfollow.

- Climate Town (YouTube)
- Madeliene Olivia (YouTube)
- Sustainably Vegan (YouTube)
- Gittemary Johansen (YouTube)
- Shelbizlee (YouTube)
- The Fairly Local Family (YouTube)
- Her 86m2 (YouTube)
- Self Sufficient Me (YouTube)
- Just Have a Think (YouTube)
- Dr Gilbz (YouTube)

- (Instagram)
- @lesswastelaura (Instagram)
- @cloverhogan (Instagram)
- @futureearth (Instagram)
- @easyecotips (Instagram)

- @KHayhoe (Twitter)
- @ClimateHuman (Twitter)

- Climate Steps (Facebook)
- Easy Eco Tips (Facebook)

- @climatehuman (TikTok)

• You can also search for related hashtags such as #climatechange, #climatecrisis, #sustainableliving, or similar terms to find interesting accounts and content.

• Do you know of other accounts that should be on the list above? Especially TikTok ones. Please reach out and let us know. You can send us a message at

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