Purchase farm pumpkins

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Support local farms by buying pumpkins there instead of at the supermarket. Look up nearby pumpkin farms online.


Pumpkins are an iconic symbol of Autumn. But did you know that purchasing pumpkins from a local farm is more environmentally friendly than from a supermarket? Depending on where you live, pumpkins travel a long way to reach your local grocery store. Buying your pumpkins from a local farm reduces the pumpkin's carbon footprint.

By supporting local farms, you encourage access to fresher produce, and you are helping to ensure that your local farms can keep providing for consumers like you.


• Discover pumpkin farms near you by conducting a quick internet search.

• So many display pumpkins are edible if not carved first. Even the carved ones you can save and toast the seeds.

• Pumpkins usually last two to three months before they start to go bad as long as you do not start cutting into them.

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